Week Two

❊ Proceeding Early Exploration


What did you plan to do?

Since I have planned on going to the direction of designing a service  / experience as the final format, I was continuing brainstorming on things that drive me and try to proceed from there. I planned to research a ton, especially by reading books, about service design and research studies (I was ready to write a paper for thesis) as well as books that interest me. 

What did you actually do?

I checked out some books from the library and tried to read them, didn't end up having a lot of time on them. As I am taking a furniture class about social engagement and an interdisciplinary class that makes personal publications, I was constantly inspired by these classes too - the conversations we had in class really brought in other perspectives. I sometimes see myself as a maker / artist more than a designer because hands-on stuff really drives me, which brought me this idea about our relationships with tangible objects. Ideas that involve physically interactions came to me, and I am sure that it is something I am passionate about. I got rid of all my previous ideas, and began to think about the nostalgia we have with tangible objects... which made the first draft of the brief. I also went to an amazing talk by my furniture teacher, Annie Evelyn, and it reassured me to do something about social engagement and tangible objects. 

What worked well? What would you do differently next time?

I would say I am confident about getting inspirations outside of Interaction Design. Often times those that sparked me the most are people who do nothing related to my practice. I was really struggling with coming up with an idea that I am excited about until the last minute after my teacher's lecture. I would love to read more books in the coming weeks and talk to people about my concept. 

What surprised you?

I am still afraid of the chance of committing to an idea that I am not happy with and end up messing it up. My personal creative process involves a lot of hesitating and stepping back. I wish I had more time to figure out the premise and polish it instead of making a decision to fulfill the deadline. 


Will Liang  ✿  2020