Week Three

❊ Nailing Down Final Brief


What did you plan to do?

After chatting with Gretchen about my idea, I tweaked my problem from nostalgia about objects to recollecting past memories, which gave a broader audience. 

My plan was to gather more research as well as finalizing writing the proposal - I find verbalizing ideas super helpful as it pushes me to think more logically.

What did you actually do?

I found more research papers and articles about memory recollections, and some projects done by other designers / artists. I also talked to my friends soliciting feedback on my idea, they reassured me but at the same time, gave me different ideas too. 

What worked well? What would you do differently next time?

I am constantly on this self-doubting process that I worried this won't be the most enjoyable project for me. I wasn't convinced by my own idea nor motivated enough. I think I would've been better if I found a clearer direction to move forward.

What surprised you?

Now that I have enough freedom to manage my time and plan for the project on my own, it is a bit intimidating to move forward without convincing myself that this is what I am excited about. I am into the topic but I haven't found a solution that I could fulfill all my expectations on this. 


✦ Final Brief Draft


Archive of Memory
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What you plan to do next week?

I am planning to go for one idea I have and make a quick-and-dirty prototype for testing. After that, I will ask around for feedback and at the same time do some interviews in order to gather information about the potential audiences.


Will Liang  ✿  2020