Week Six

❊ Early Prototyping


What did you plan to do?

I talked to Gretchen last week and we both agreed that I should start prototyping. Therefore, that was my plan :)

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What did you actually do?

While I was making my prototype, I realized how I should map out the main flow. I mapped it out and went in a big rabbit hole of the projects done related to memories by MIT media lab and so on. Eventually, I started my prototype and figured out a basic layout for it on Adobe XD. 

Oh, I also came up with a name for it - Memory Palace as what it is.

What worked well? What would you do differently next time?

Mapping out the core steps really helped - I was getting overwhelmed thinking about the additional features of the platform but it seemed unnecessary at this stage. Also getting stuff on paper definitely made better progress instead of purely thinking about it...

What surprised you?

While I was checking out other projects, I was worried about this concept being boring or not helpful to people. But getting the momentum going really kept me from overthinking about it. Since it is still at the very first stage of this project, there are a lot of opportunities that are up to be discovered, I should just focus on conveying my idea and asking around for feedback. It would make it way efficient and insightful. 


✦ Prototypes


Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 11.51.58 PM
Screen Shot 2019-10-20 at 11.52.23 PM


What you plan to do next week?

I will continue on building the prototype and simultaneously digitize the maps I have had. I will run through the steps by going through my own photos instead of imagining its flow. I will also observe how others review their old photos on their phones and ask them to talk it out loud. Hopefully, by next week, this prototype is 90% done and I could proceed on getting feedback + iterating it. 


◆ In-class Presentation


Talking about AR/VR

The topic of this week was AR/VR, which is something I am not too familiar with. (I have done some project using AR and never have done VR stuff) It was presented by Jackie, Yuan, Hridae, and Ruitao. The talk was pretty concise and interesting as it covered some phenomena that happened because of these technologies - a Japanese app using AR that reveals dead people at virtual graves. I wasn't sure how I feel about it. 

After the presentation, we were experiencing AR and VR in real life. We were playing with an AR experience app called Just a Line where we could draw shapes in the virtual space in the camera and it would stay in place 3-dimensionally. It is supposed to work in pairs too but I didn't get to make it work, maybe there was a bug? No matter what, it was a fun experience. 

About VR... I thought about using that or AR as part of my project where I could enrich the experience of recollecting memories within the physical environment. With VR, there could be a virtual space that visualizes the memories one has kept using the cues they put in the system. Or a game where you collect virtual artifacts to recollect past experiences. For AR, it is possible to show notes or anything visual when you revisit a place, but I am not feeling strongly about it. 

There is still a lot of room to explore these topics which is exciting. I will eventually consider using these once I have the core prototype. 

Will Liang  ✿  2020