Week Seven

❊ Next-step Prototyping & Topic Presentation


What did you plan to do?

I planned to continue on building the prototype from my own memory-revisiting experience. 

What did you actually do?

I looked into the iOS photo app and revised the UI of the prototype based on that. I also mapped out my own flow when I went through photos which would help me design the experience. 



flow of the app


flow of the app


What worked well? What would you do differently next time?

Going through the process by myself gave me a better understanding of the flow as well as inspirations for opportunities and potential problems I need to consider.

I envision this being a part of the iOS photo app instead of an independent app since the photo app itself already has some good features and is where all the photos reside, which makes it a perfect platform for this concept. 

I am not sure if I am doing this project in the right order since it is a personal experience, the research could go along with user testing. However, I should be clear on who I am designing for, which means I should create a persona.  

What surprised you?

I am surprised by how many opportunities I found out by simply mapping out the flow. I branched out to the social aspect of this platform. Yet this should not be my focus at this stage but the personal experience and how it works within the photo app. 

I solicited feedback in class from my classmates, and Gina gave a really good proposition: how will this different from a journaling app? This is a great question to ask myself while I am making it. How will the experience be different? 


✦ Prototypes


Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 7.12.52 PM

I did the layout the platform based on the design of the photo app. How photos are sorted will be different than the photo app in which everything is randomly displayed, size-wise.  

Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 7.13.18 PM
Screen Shot 2019-10-27 at 7.13.53 PM

I want to add a feature where you can randomly draw / pick a memory from the past. It adds randomness and excitement to the experience which I like. Then it will link to other related photos to one that is viewed. 


I made this to figure out what information should be included when one is reviewing a photo, what is essential in a memory recollecting process. 

What you plan to do next week?

I should iterate the flow and make a persona for it. I should get the prototype done so I could ask feedback for the next round. 


◆ In-class Presentation


Talking about Mental Health

This week, Natalia, Tai, Rita and I were presenting the Mental Health topic. 

Our presentation wasn't successful to me, especially from my end. We started organizing the presentation a week before. Natalia figured out the content and order we should be talking about, and we each picked one aspect we want to focus on. I chose to look at mental health in today's context and how social media plays a role in it if it does. 

We had the work split before we started. We all did research separately and put together slides remotely. Eventually, we reconvened and planned for the activity we wanted to do, which is a Kahoot game / quiz to inform folks about some basics and common misconceptions of mental health, and eventually a meditation session. We didn't spend that much time meeting in-person to nail down this presentation since we all had different schedules and were caught up by other homework / midterms, which is one of the reasons we didn't do a very good job. Secondly, we didn't rehearse all together so some of the connections between sections were not as smooth. Classmates didn't show too many reactions to the contents maybe because 1. it is a heavier topic, 2. the content wasn't too engaging. This is something we should improve the next time. 

The activity was successful, especially the meditation part. The Kahoot quiz was also a highlight since it really loosened the heaviness of this topic. It was a better way to approach this type of information too - folks will remember better when they get something wrong in a game. You can never go wrong with meditations, can you? 

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Talking about my experience... I felt well-prepared before class started, but when I spoke, I was really nervous that my heart started to beat super fast and my voice was shaky. My brain went blank and I wasn't able to pick up the flow I practiced... I am still really bad at giving a presentation in front of a big group of people... I should practice more and try to confront the anxiety of presentation. 


Will Liang  ✿  2020