Week Nine

❊ I am STUCK


What did you plan to do?

I wanted to revise my new proposal and do more research on interactive installation/instruments before I talk to Gretchen. 

What did you actually do?

I talked to my friends and classmates about my new proposal for both feedback and reassurance. They gave me some ideas and helped me revise and compose the proposal. I then talked to Gretchen about and seems like there isn't enough time for me to change my concept when the previous one was in the prototyping phase.


What surprised you?

I was stuck with my memory app idea thinking about the presentation form--I would want to make something that actually works instead of showing a pre-build prototype. I also don't want to make another app. I wanted to make an interactive thing that visitors are a part of the experience and are able to engage with it. This sets the medium and I am not sure if it is the right way to narrow down an idea...

I want to use this chart as my starting point of creating interactivity in a memory collecting experience. I should also focus on one aspect (e.g. sound and memory, tangible memory).


What you plan to do next week?

I should do another brainstorming session for an interactive installation. Here is the proposition from Gretchen which is really helpful: 

Design an installation where I can record memories (audio? visual? written?) and do something with them (send them? share them? randomly send / receive memories?) and focus on the execution of that idea. 


◆ In-class Presentation


Talking about Sound in Design

This week, Eugina, Heather, and Kendra presented how sound could be used in designs. 

It was a really interesting and thorough presentation, especially on the history and usage of sound in other fields. Also, the sample videos commercials also engaged us really well. How can a sound represent a brand and be unique and recognizable? 

Sound is definitely one of the memory-recalling sense, which has a lot of potential in my direction.

The activity at the end of the presentation was to dub / simulate a type of sound on a pre-recorded flow of an app. We got a food delivery app with minimal transitions. We decided to do the slide, firework after order successfully, and an alert. We used spiral on my journal, hands, and a water bottle as the instruments. It turned out well, and it was a smart activity. 

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Will Liang  ✿  2020