Week Four

❊ Exploring Opportunities


What did you plan to do?

I planned to ask around for feedback and ideas to execute my premise which is designing for memories. Also, I talked to my teacher Donald and we will be talking next week about my ideas.

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What did you actually do?

I looked into existing journaling apps (which is one of my ideas) as well as some fine art projects for memories for inspiration. After that, I drew a mindmap because I thought it would be helpful to find opportunities. 

What worked well? What would you do differently next time?

I think I am in a good place with some ideas and I just have to execute them and get feedback. I should be doing stuff instead of trying to make one idea perfect...

What surprised you?

Now that I have enough freedom to manage my time and plan for the project on my own, it is a bit intimidating to move forward without convincing myself that this is what I am excited about. I am into the topic but I haven't found a solution that I could fulfill all my expectations on this. 


✦ Exploring Sketches & Mind Map


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What you plan to do next week?

I am meeting my teacher Donald Fortescue on Tuesday to talk about my ideas and get some feedback. I will also ask my other friends asking for feedback. At the same time, I will develop my ideas a little further to get more solid sketches. 


◆ In-class Takeaways


Talking about Gaming

In class on Friday, we had a topic presentation on gaming from my classmates. It was insightful to me because as someone who has never gotten into games, it was interesting to see how the professional gaming industry is, some of games' pros and cons, and how gamification could be considered as one of our design solutions. 

A good example that gamification is incorporated in the design is the language learning platform Duolingo. They use levels, badges, progress, leaderboards and so on to engage and motivate language learners. It is not about making a game but using the components in games in a concept that is totally unrelated to games. 

Afterward, we played a couple games as a class. I enjoyed it as it really woke us up and made the atmosphere in the room lively. The word mash-up game was my favorite - we each came up with a type of word and then mingled to find other types to make a sentence. I wrote the noun hair, and the sentence we came up was "hair licks glasses". 


Guest Talk by Ariel Waldman

Followed the presentation about games was a talk by Ariel Waldman, our guest speaker. It was always inspirational to hear someone talking about their way of connecting dots and making sense of their random ideas and thoughts about their life. The most impressive part is how she was always on the gear of doing things - following her sometimes impulsive ideas while doing gigs to make the bread. This is what I want to do eventually - never forget about my passions and try to find a way to bring it in my career, or if it doesn't work out, try to pursue it by doing something else... But never stop doing it. 

Here is my notes from the talk: 

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