Week One

❊ Expectations


What you want to get out of this project/semester/year?

I want to utilize this chance to explore in different areas and social issues, find my neck of the woods, develop a concept, and eventually, make something. Since this is a one-year-long project, I want to do something that I am excited about, on top of creating impacts or solving problems. I want to be able to have a clear vision of my future career path and have a portfolio piece that I am satisfied with, at the end of the senior project.

What skills do you want to enhance or develop?

I want to enhance my skills in making arguments, developing a thesis based on research, and presentation.

What does a successful project look like to you?

A successful senior project, to me, is developed from a strong concept based on interests and research. It should be impactful and serve some type of purpose or solve a problem, instead of purely being "innovative" or "cool". 

What are you concerned about?

The biggest concerns I have are the depth of the concept and the level of completion of the final deliverable. I hope my concept would actually be impactful in the real world and make some changes in people's behavior, emotion, ideology, and so on. The final outcome should be completed, instead of a hypothetical product that might not be useful... 


✦ Early Explorations


I started brainstorming on some topics that I am interested in and developed several ideas. 

Scan Sep 13, 2019 (dragged)
Scan Sep 13, 2019 (dragged) 2
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Scan Sep 13, 2019 (dragged) 4

Then we had some discussions in class and brainstormed a little more, using a model our teacher showed us. 

I'm exploring how (TECHNOLOGY) in (INDUSTRY/COMMUNITY) can help (SOCIAL IMPACT).

We wrote down technology, industry/community and social impact we could think of on sticky notes, and filled them in the statement.

Here is what I came up with. 

This exercise helped me form an objective I will try to achieve through senior project. I am leaning towards designing for a museum space in helping social issues including global warming, mental health, and housing issues.

I believe a museum space is really user(visitor)-centered with a variety of audiences. It is also an engaging place to communicate stories, introduce ideas, and generate new thoughts. It requires the thinking for designing objects in a space, which is what I am excited about. Based on personal interests, I would love to use this chance to practice service design, to address a social issue. 

My next steps would be narrowing down the issue I want to focus on, and hashing out a proposal draft. I will decide after doing more detailed research. I will prioritize the issue that I have the most resources with and I am most passionate about. At the same time, I would love to read more philosophical and sociology-related articles. This will help me understand society through another lens, as well as generate ideas. 

What I will do differently next time is to set up a clear goal. When I was doing the first round of brainstorming myself, I was mostly thinking about the final outcome of the project, instead of a problem/objective. They were really discrete concepts which limited me from coming up with more ideas, let alone ideas that are more meaningful. 

Will Liang  ✿  2020