SP2: Week Two

❊ Exploring


I have been trying to find a clearer direction by talking to people. I spoke to a few folks and here is the general feedback:

a. likes the idea of curating artifacts;

b. the service that sends objects that are made by a third party sounds touchy: the experience should be driven by the individual themselves instead of an system / algorithm;

c. maybe it could be seen as alternative journaling? 

d. memory is better stored in photographs, but the photograph becomes the only "clear" evidence / reference to a moment or a person. will the representative artifact of memory be like that?   


These are all interesting perspectives. I was thinking about the second feedback. Maybe instead of giving someone the object that might or might not fit their expectation, individuals themselves are the agent of the memory archiving process. My job then would be creating a guide to direct them. 

Then, I decided to go through the process I went through when I flipped through my old journals: 



Find my up-to-date project brief here

Will Liang  ✿  2020