SP2: Week Three

❊ Experiments


I finally met with Chris, who taught us Cognitive Science and here are some notes: 

Scan Feb 14, 2020


In a nutshell, there are things to consider: 

a. utilizing space to map out memory components;

b. directing the memory recapture by asking critical questions;

c. fishing out the important elements of memory that someone might not have noticed. 


Then I came up with some essential and generic questions based of our conversation. 



I then did this experiment with three people, where I asked them a set of questions and took notes of keywords, eventually cut them out and asked them to sort these words in clusters. 

At first, I asked for "something happened recently". 

The next two times, I changed to "an important moment".


Here are some notes of feedback:

Scan Feb 14, 2020 (2)

My next step is to go through these footages and notes and come up with a better and higher fidelity testable design, and find out a clearer goal statement to move forward with. 

Find my up-to-date project brief here

Will Liang  ✿  2020