SP2: Week One  

❊ Back to the Grind


Here starts a new semester! 

At the end of last semester, I was worn out by all my projects, and compounded by doubts of the depth of my ideas and my own interest in the topic: should I start a new project next semester, or continue on the study of memory? After a well-rested and fruitful winter break of traveling home and Japan, I came back and feeling a lot more confident about it. 

Last semester was full of explorations and research on multi-sensory memory. I briefly summed up feedback and reflections for what I did last semester and potential plans for the rest of this semester. I also talked to Gretchen to bounce off ideas. 

Instead of using objects as prompts for memory, why don't we reverse-engineer it, and utilize objects as a vehicle to tell the stories from the past? 

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Then I revised my project brief, and laid out a new plan. 

I plan to do more primary research with Tomo, who did their senior project similarly on memory restoration, as a pillow. And do a design sprint myself. 

Will Liang  ✿  2020