SP2: Week Four

❊ Reflections


Scan Feb 14, 2020 (2)

I reviewed notes from last week's testings and feedback and summed up the problems and opportunties for next steps here:

Scan Feb 21, 2020

Going back to these questions I asked during the idea testing, there should be a more flexible flow for Q&A and clearer directions as in words to guide through participants. 



Another aspect that is missing in this round of idea testing is SENSE. There isn't any other sense that is used in the whole experience besides sight, which is currently, in words. 

How might we translate these memory elements in words to some other senses in order to stimulate the participant's memory? 

I would love to explore different ways to make the memory element display part more fun and intriguing without words. Smell would be a tricky one, but maybe sound or spatial arrangement would help? 

 I didn't get to do much the past week except for organizing ideas and reflecting on feedback. I would love to talk to Graham and Kate and other folks about my current state and move forward from there. But after explaining this concept to a few people, I am more confident about this direction. 

Find my up-to-date project brief here

Will Liang  ✿  2020