SP2: Week Five

❊ Wait a second... What are we doing again?


I had to stop where I was headed to on this project and think about what am I doing again. 

I didn't get to make a lot of progress this week since I was injured... I started to storyboard this idea I went forward with and I am not sure if this will get me to where I wanted to be. My question is, how could the final map reflect the picture someone has when they were asked the prompting questions? Everyone has a different thought process when they are imaging something. What are the universal components, if there is any? 

Scan Feb 28, 2020
Scan Feb 28, 2020 (2)

Also, an "important moment" seems too vague. If this piece was at an exhibition, how could the question be more specific upfront? As in an exhibition, it would be a one-time experience, how might we create a long-lasting impact if this is the form? There are a lot of questions I need to think through and address before moving on.

Find my up-to-date project brief here

Will Liang  ✿  2020