4 weeks, Fall 2018


Julius Winckler


Design a tangible user interface to help an interior design company collaboratively design layout for their coming magazine and build a "smoke and mirrors" prototype.


Keynote, Sketch, Adobe CC 

Roles in the Team

Design Research, Visual Design, Physical Prototyping, Filming, and Sound Editing

Persona & Scenario

We started the project by doing some simple secondary research, and briefly interviewed two graphic designers who have experience designing for magazines. Then, we quickly visualized the design team, and developed the persona and the flow of the layout design process. We finalized the roles into one art director (AD), and two designers (D1 and D2), in our scenario.


Paper Prototyping

We began to sketch out tools and design layouts, and cut them out to build paper prototypes. We imagined that each role in the team would have their own devices to collaborate within a big interface.

Final Design

We gradually nailed the key functions and made detailed sketches of tangible interfaces and tools after testing on previous paper prototypes. 

The key concept is that art directors and designers will each have one color-coded pen that recognizes their roles in the team. They will work collaboratively on a tangible design interface--a page control, a media library, a toolbox, and multiple knobs with a page preview at the center. One constraint is that they could only get access to the functions they are responsible for. 

Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 3.00.48 AM


We created a spreadsheet to determine the flow of our "smoke and mirrors" prototype. After that, we projected the interface design we made in Keynote onto the physical prototypes we made and built animations following the flow. 


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